Rent your life or Own your life?

You Choose.

I assist my clients/students with their personal evolution into expansion. I work with Divine Love and Truth of Creation.

My clients/students are ready to accept responsibility and ownership of their lives and begin being active, conscious Creators. They are ready to let go of their “stories” and stop being a victim.

I give them a hand up, not hand outs… because I choose to have my clients/students feel and be empowered. For them to connect with their Divine Essence and bring that forward in divine truth and love of who they truly are. I choose for my clients/students to know, feel, sense, see and experience the Truth within them. That they do not need anything outside of themselves, including me. Everything is within you and I assist them in discovering this. I assist them in connecting with and bringing forward their divine blueprint and activating their divine potential.

I have several different “tools” that I can use to assist you. There is no cookie cutter program. Our paths are as individual as we are. And so is your unfoldment into your Divine Essence.

Please let me know if I may assist you.

Julianna's Story

One Morning I Woke Up

I heard the sound of a clap, awakening me from my unconscious slumber. Something didn’t feel right, so I began to ask myself those questions… Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I come from?

From The Heart

Amy, Honolulu Hawaii

Julianna’s gift lies in her unique ability to notice what appears underneath her clients’ realities and where their unique resistance lies when it comes to their healing; by doing this, she creates a loving and empowering space for her clients to come face to face with their true selves and this allows her clients to change with great fluidity and joy. There, her clients are given the opportunity and choice to create healing. Her method and approach to the healing work she facilitates is always motivated by unfaltering knowing in her clients and her clients’ desire to change their reality.


I have had the honor and pleasure of having received many sessions with Julianna over the last few years on topics ranging from physical issues to emotional, financial and spiritual. It is because of these sessions that I have had with Julianna that I feel more at ease in my own self, able to walk my path in integrity and self-trust and empowerment. Because of my work with her, I feel that I can make choices that are based on truth and trust in my own ability to discern what is best for my path.


It is because of my sessions with Julianna and her unfaltering love and trust in me that I was able to release and resolve emotional and physical trauma from a past relationship and ALLOW myself to heal, and this is just a highlight of what I have achieved through working with her.


Julianna does not heal you; she creates space for you to feel empowered by your life experiences and journey, and she creates opportunity for her clients to DECIDE to heal. She is humble, honest, and loving in her approach with her clients and whatever they may bring to a session, which is something that is sorely needed in the healing arts today. I highly and honestly recommend Julianna to anyone who is ready to take the next step or many steps in their personal, emotional, physical and spiritual evolution.

I Choose Me

Your Choice

Sessions include an audio recording for reflection.

1 Session


4 Sessions


9 Sessions